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< p class="text_context" >In this part of my portfolio, you will find three differents links.< br >
The first is a complete portfolio that I coded in case I can't code my definitive portfolio. I wanted it to look like an old poster.< br >
The second is an idea of circular menu that I made for a first portfolio model. The circle is a SVG pictures that I animated with CSS.< br >
The third link is another circular menu for my portfolio. I saw several models online I wanted to try to code on my own, but I wasn't happy with the result. In fact, the design of this menu doesn't match with the design I wanted to achieve.< p >

< a href="assets/link/portfolio/portfolio.html" > Provisional Portfolio < a > < a href="assets/link/menu_1/menu_1.html" > Circular Menu 1 < a > < a href="assets/link/menu_2/menu_2.html" > Circular Menu 2 < a >